list unique hairstyle ''(my versions)''

To day i just  thinking of a hairstyle
i wanna see how  it is,, . i wanna try some unique hairstyle for my sister ,,, then i open my google   n  i try to looking for some unique hairstyle  ...... just unique
 then i found  a very damn unique hairstyle    ( my version) of course
this one is  unique  different sweet look  i think
ooowwwooooooooow seriously ,,,,,, is that really hairstyle 
i dont think so 
this one i dont know  

something amazing but  i dont know about it :)

im so scary when i look at this one 
guys what is that ???
something ,,, hard to say ( bcoz i dont know )

its like mushroom or cap or  what  

i don't know really about all the hairstyle  ,,,,, just people who  expert  about it who knows ;)
its just  some   , a few, list 
oh hair staylr 
(my versions)

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