A sister's love 2

i was talk about my sister
n for now ill talk about my  other younger sister 
 a very very cute baby ,,, ever in the world (for me n my family of course ))
mmmmmm   she is a very cute baby  when she is happy ,,, but she will be not cute any more when she crying
just like IDA YUNI    .. There something i dont like  from her !,, and  from  my other younger sister  too.. i dont like  ,tha , when i bring her to a new place (out of home)
 she will look like mad at me n just silent  .. and also when someone get closer to her she will  crying because shes afraid 
 not only with someone new  or  when a lot of people around her ,,,,, but with my grandmother  from my mom  too she   will be afraid and  crying for one hour 
this is her 
 NAME             ; SHEENA SELLENA
 AGE/BORN     ; 29/09/2013

            ena /dede

 A funny thing is when her  sister'' enda'' have anything ,to  wear, or use something,  she will wants too ..   wanna be  like her '' enda ''
  like those glasess hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
bcoz  enda wear it,,,  so  her too!;)

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