kata kata Cinta Paling Indah dlm bhs Inggris

Ungkapan cinta merupakan sebuah ungkapan hati yang  bisa di bilang  susah- susah gampang , untuk di ungkapkan ,

Jika anda ingin mengungkapkan  perasaan  kepada seseorang yang paling istimewa di hati. 
dan dalam bhs inggris,
inilah ungkapan cinta yang paling indah ,..
menurut versi saya ..

kata-kata cinta ini merupakan , kata cinta dari 
a litlle book of love ,,,
hadiah pemberian  dari pacar saya .


You know how it is when it happens ,
like a search that's ended.
and the wonderful relief at having
found someone to go home and talk to ,
who knows you ,
understand your work and everything  you're going  through.

''Dervla Kirwan----- 


In love.
she remembered the excitement  of those day.
the sudden ecstasy of an  unexpected telephone call
the brilliance  and beauty of the most mundane 
laughter over nothing .
shared across small candlelit tables;
walking together on sunlit
pavements; smelling lilac on a city street;
driving  in his car down to the country , with son roof 
open to the sky and a whole weekend ahead.
and the  sensation that there was nobody in the world but the two of them 

''Rosamunde Pilcher-----


Sweet one i love u  for your lovely shape,
for the art you make 
in paint and bed and  rhyme,
but most because we see into each other's heart,
there to read secret and trust
and cancel time.

''Tom Mcgrath-----


You  may know  the pains of possessing and dependency ,
reducing persons  to object , but
this is not love.
LOVE doesn't attempt to bind, ensnare , capture .
it is light , free of the burden  of attachments ,
Love  ask nothing ,
is fulfilled in itself .
when love is there, nothing remains to be done .

''Vimala Thakar-----


Now our love is deep enough to need  no frantic gestures,
you smile in passing ,
touch my shoulder ,
i walk with you in the garden , sharing the last of the light,
the flickering of bats,
the scent of roses 
we are at home  in quietness .
passion  and the everyday flow 
from each  other ,
equal  expressions of our love .

'' Charlotte Gray-----

                     dampak positif dari cinta pertama 

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