A sister's love

 Just like a gift for me n family to having such a beautiful and cute sister
i really so happy to have her as my sister ,,,,
her name is Enda Yuni she is a pretty cute girls n very very cute
 she loves singing n doing make up just like a big girls
 she love playing with her hair ,,, (bcoz she lets her long hair ,,, n she love it so much)
she love to use my lipstick every day :)
but there is something i dont like is ,, ,,, from her when she want something ,, she just need to get what she want THAT TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!! '' '' '
n if she will NOT ,,,,, around crying and pulling her hair  ,,,,,
 this is her

 AGE: 26/08/2009
    n she is my young sister
'' Helooooo ''

helllooooo my brother ... she use your  sun glasess

just amazing girl for me 

its good

i makeover with her hijab at noon time 

she wear my earings ... for me she is so cute n pretty 
ni have another sister a very younger sister


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